Louis Wohl and Sons, Inc. is a family owned company. We have been in Tampa since 1897, in Jacksonville since 1912, in Fort Myers since 1990 and in Orlando since 2006. 

At Louis Wohl and Sons, Inc. we realize that the satisfaction of our customers’ needs is our primary goal. Since 1897, we have taken customer satisfaction personally. We are committed to providing superior value in our products and services on a continuing basis. We believe in building mutually beneficial and enduring relationships with all of our clients, based on conducting business activities with integrity and respect. The dedication of our professional staff has resulted in the development of a strong international reputation for high quality work, completed on time and within budget.

We provide our clients with a complete package for all foodservice facilities. From the largest hotel and convention facilities or health care operation, to the smallest bistro or fast food restaurant, our years of experience supply the tools to create the optimum foodservice facility.

When you develop a project, it is usually the culmination of years of planning and dreaming! Our goal is to provide the staff and support services to help develop your ideas and concepts. The finished project is the result if combining our food facilities design, engineering, sales, expediting and installation personnel, with the sole purpose of implementing your ideas and concepts.

Louis Wohl is in a very unique position within the foodservice industry in that we provide both design and procurement services that are equally well respected. There are few firms who can match our capabilities in both design and procurement. Whether you select us for design or design/build services, there are numerous advantages to our position.

We are often involved in a project from start to finish and, as a result, must defend our documentation in the field as both designer and purveyor. With a single point of responsibility, there are no fingers to point. The accuracy of our documentation is a necessity, not a luxury.

Due to our first hand involvement in the field, our design skills are always improving. We are amongst the first to learn of new code related issues. The interaction with other trades in the field also provides valuable information, which is incorporated into our designs. The inclusion of such feedback reduces the potential for conflicts in the field, reduces the cost and improves the overall atmosphere of the job site.

As one of the nation’s top foodservice equipment and supplies providers, we have direct relationships with many of the industry’s leading manufacturers. These relationships, built over the course of many years and projects, are extremely valuable. We will leverage our relationships and buying power to resolve problems or offer solutions that might not otherwise be available.